Friday, July 02, 2010

P-chew! P-chew! Evil Fruit

Hey, do you remember that little tidbit about checking your bread bin for Death Potatoes? Yeah, well, that applies to checking your fruit drawer for little shriveled bastard peaches, evil little strawberries that have gone so bad they have little white beards and black hats, and formerly magnificent apples that now resemble magic eye marbles. 

My fruit drawer, bad fruit... I has it.  It's not like it's even a lot of fruit, but little bits of everything that have just accumulated under plastic bags.  The kids have a bad habit of leaving the plastic fruit bags in the fridge when the fruit is done instead of throwing the bags out, and the part of me that's lazy puts the new bags of fruit right on top.

And another thing.  Grapes do not turn into raisins if they dry out in your fridge.  They just... don't.  Trust me.  

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