Friday, July 02, 2010

Gratitude Friday

On this amazingly lovely, sunny, mild Friday afternoon, I am grateful...

  1. For, as always, my three amazingly precocious daughters.
  2. For my hard-working, handsome husband.
  3. For my wonderful, kind, and generous friends and family.
  4. For our military members, past and present, who have sacrificed their lives and careers for the liberties and freedoms that we are privileged to have today.
  5. For spellchecker because I always forget how to spell privileged.
  6. For scientists and science and technology.  I wouldn't make a very good pre-modern-era woman.  
  7. That the new chore charts have been working for (going on) three weeks.  
  8. For the fun that is soap operas, and DVR's so I can record them and watch them any old time I want which is usually all at once, once a month.
  9. For IEP's and summer session school so that we don't have to pay the $300+ fees for summer session for Princess #2.
  10. That although I wouldn't wish Autism on anyone or their child, there are other parents going through the same thing we are.
  11. For Murphy's Oil Soap
  12. For payment plans.
  13. For the convenience of grocery stores because honestly, I'm not a farm girl.  There's no way in the world I'd be cleaning up cow pucky, feeding pigs slop, shearing sheep, and waking up at 4:30 every morning or delivering foals and calves in the middle of the night.  Nor would I be any good at harvesting my fruits and veggies.  I have the brownest thumb on the planet.  If it's not self-sufficient, it will die or live in it's own filth.  Barring my own children and cats, of course.
  14. For Farmville, for allowing me to believe that at least online I have a chance of raising something green even if I occasionally "wither" plants, and never ever have to feed my animals.
  15. For Charmin Ultra Soft.  Truly and honestly.

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