Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Gratitude Journal

On this cloudy and quiet Saturday I’m grateful…

1.        For my three daughters, especially when they’re obedient and treating each other like people.
2.       For my husband, who is one of the hardest workers I know.
3.       For my two sweet cats, especially Luna, who we could have lost last week when she got out of the house.
4.       That today isn’t so hot that it’s soaring into the upper 80-90’s.  It’s actually comfortable today.
5.       That our living room is done and looks gorgeous.  It’s my new favorite room in the house.
6.       For having a computer that works now.  Her name is Vivienne.  J
7.       That I finished painting the front porch as best as possible, and then Mr. His Highness finished the spots I couldn’t reach.
8.       When I hear yummy noises from the girls after serving supper. J
9.       For good music.
10.    For having a great hair stylist.  William at Hairdesser On Fire rocks. 
11.     That I have such wonderful friends.
12.     That my eldest daughter has great friends in her Girl Scout troop.  She gets along with every single girl. 
13.     For comfy mom-pants.
14.    For cute flip flops.
15.     For limited time span on summer vacation.  J

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