Monday, June 07, 2010

Gratitude Journal Monday

On this lovely, rain-free Monday I am grateful...

  1. For my handsome, hardworking husband.
  2. For my three lovely daughters.
  3. For all the hard work my husband put into the house while on his vacation from work over the past week.
  4. For Imitrex and Advil.
  5. For Air conditioners.
  6. For a new printer that works, however briefly.  
  7. For getting some home repairs done.
  8. For how amazing a fresh coat of paint and new colors can make a room look.
  9. When getting Princess #2 off to school doesn't result in massive Queenly Bruising.  
  10. For clean laundry.
  11. For the intarwebz.  :-)
  12. For batteries.
  13. For my new cell phone, and that I didn't have to pay a penny for it even though I was 3 months away from my "new every two."   Seriously, I love my new phone.  Samsung Intensity, Verizon.  Massively awesome phone.
  14. For getting to go grocery shopping today.
  15. For still having almost two weeks before Princesses #1 and #2 get out of school for the summer.
  16. For Princess #3 having graduated preschool on Friday!
  17. That today is a lovely and sunshiney day compared to two weekend days of rain and thunderstorms.
  18. For eczema medicine.
  19. For rhubarb.
  20. That I have friends who care about me and my family.

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