Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Smell of Death aka Check Your Bread Bin

This is an order on high from Her Majesty, Queen Jessica.  Check your bread drawer/bin or wherever the frock it is you keep your potatoes more often than whenever you need potatoes.  In fact, do it right now.  Go ahead.  I'll wait. 

::taps foot::

From this point forward, you are to check your potatoes at least weekly and continue to keep them in a cool, dark place that is not your refrigerator.  If you don't, you can expect your potatoes to turn to a dark, semi-liquified semi-sludge putrification that will smell like death.  Satan himself would do his best to escape from Hell to get away from the odor, so do yourself a favor and don't let your potatoes get to stank. 

And please don't ask what provoked this post.  I knew all of this already and still... oh, and still the rank of the stank. 

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