Saturday, July 26, 2008

And Now We Wait

We had the EEG, and I'm so proud of Grace. She did really, really well and I think it's because we made sure that we explained everything far enough ahead of time and explained what each step was for. She cooperated and transitioned pretty well. She fell asleep after she was all hooked up. When it was time to wake her and clean her scalp, she kept trying to go back to sleep because she was "comfa-ble."

On the way home, we stopped at Subway and she got to choose her own sub. We were supposed to eat at the restaurant, but my husband called to say that my best friend's children were there, so when we got there and they had just left, Grace had one of her meltdown incidents. She got over it when we reminded her of her fresh lunch. It was about 3:30, I think.

I went upstairs to nap, and came back downstairs around 8:00 to find all of the girls still awake. Yes, Grace was up and playing and chipper. I made a quick dinner, and when she was done, Frou Frou asked to go to bed because she was "so so so tired."

I have a couple pictures, I'm sure you'll understand if I don't feel comfortable posting them.

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