Thursday, April 10, 2008

Randomness Thursday

It's been a busy week, meaning "slow" for blogging. That's OK. I'll just toss up some randomness.

  • I get to go to a Girl Scout Troop Leader Appreciation Dinner tonight at The Skyline.
  • I'm going with my assistant leader. I'm kind of excited. I'm getting baking stuffed shrimp.
  • I kept Grace home from therapies today, because she's had a rough go with her allergies, and had trouble sleeping last night. She slept in until after 9 am this morning, and she NEVER sleeps that late.
  • Poor kid is all congested.
  • I really do NOT like powdered non-dairy creamer. Especially the generic brand. Especially non-flavored.
  • I had to add vanilla extract to go with my cheap-ass non-dairy creamer in my coffee.
  • Blech. Why did I buy that shit, you ask? Because the cheap-ass grocery store I stopped at didn't have my Coffee-Mate or even a store brand in liquid. They didn't even have Coffee-Mate brand in the powdered crap.
  • I just added $25 with my credit card to Juliana's school lunch/breakfast tab. How freaking convenient is that? I can pay the account if she goes negative without having to give her the money, and I can add money to the account so that she doesn't have to worry about counting it out to give the lunch lady.
  • The very nice Lunch Lady called me today to let me know I could do this at Juliana told me that the reason she never comes home with change from the $0.50 we give her for lunches is because the Lunch Lady charges her full price, instead of reduced price of $0.40. Turns out, Juliana is also getting ice-cream when she has enough money, meaning there's rarely a balance on her account. She should have had at least $5-10 in "overage" on her account, but was only at $0.54. Why? Because ice cream costs $0.50 and is NOT applicable to reduced cost. Sneaky little ice-cream lover. Since we ARE tight on money (and $0.40 a day is cheaper than buying her deli every week) I decided to temporarily restrict her to ice-cream Fridays. She needs to learn that omitting things like that is equal to lying. I'll lift the restriction after a month or so, or maybe for June before school lets out for the Summer vacation.
  • Grace finally told me last night and again this morning why she's been insisting on sleeping in my bed, instead of her own. "I peed in my bed too many times, Mommy! All I smell is pee!" You have to understand that my sniffer is not working at full capacity. I have limited sense of smell.
  • Thanks to Grace finally telling me about the pee smell, I took the SpotBot that Manny got a few weeks ago, and cleaned her entire mattress with hot water and cleaning solution. It was actually really gross, and I had to refill the shampoo tank 4 times. I emptied out blackish, yellowish dirty water. I'm embarrassed to say this. I do think that the kids jumping all over the bed in bare feet and even in their shoes had a lot to do with the muck that was sucked out that thing. Thank goodness I cleaned it. It made me clean out my own bed too. And Juliana's. Nasty. I recommend that EVERYONE has their mattresses cleaned.
  • Grace watched me cleaning her mattress, and said a few times "Wow! There's PINK and BLUE on my mattress!"
  • It's a lovely day outside.
  • My cat has out-door allergies. It's a good thing she's an indoor cat.
  • Grace tried helping Luna get eye-boogers out of the corner of her little kitty eye, but ended up scraping the outer corner. It's healing, but only because Grace is now forbidden to get out cat-eye-boogers with anything other than a dry, soft tissue. I've been using Erythromycin ointment from when Anneliese had conjunctivitis as a baby. It stays put, and never drips into the cat's eye, so it's stopped oozing and bleeding and is healing very nicely.
  • Anneliese successfully pooped on the toilet the other day. Now to get her to do it every day, instead of withholding until she can't hold it any more, and stretching out BM's to every 3 or 4 days. Yuck.
  • I updated my MySpace profile. It's pretty.
  • I seriously need to go grocery shopping this weekend.
  • I need a haircut too. I think I have one scheduled for Saturday. I hope I get paid for babysitting before the appointment.
  • I really want a chef salad or a turkey & veggie sub. I'll probably end up having some yogurt.


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your childs lunch program.I go to my sons school and physically have to pay.I fear the lunchlady lol.My son comes home with ious from the lunchlady:)My cat was allergic to fleas!I can't do myspace unfortunatly it kicks me off so much:(I am so out of my league in there anyways:)Good stuff!

Kristin said...

I must get this SpotBot you speak of.

and yay for pooping on the potty, Anneliese!