Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Tuesday

I can't believe how busy I've been the past several days, but I actually missed my Monday Gratefulness Journal. So here it is, a day late, but still here.

On this beautiful, bright Tuesday, I am truly grateful for…

  1. My three beautiful daughters.
  2. My handsome, hard-working husband.
  3. My real life friends.
  4. The friends in my computer.
  5. That I have a few moments to sit and think.
  6. The wonderful aroma of pizza baking in the oven.
  7. My cozy jammies, even though it's "too early" to be dressed for bed.
  8. That at least until my blood work comes back, I got a clean bill of health at my physical today.
  9. That I have a new Rx for Imitrex, and I really hope it works when I need it.
  10. That the girls are all in a great mood at the same time.
  11. My crocuses are coming up in the front yard and along the driveway.
  12. Special dairy products so that I can let Grace have some pizza tonight without getting sick.
  13. Anneliese actually agreeing to try to poop in the pot today, and succeeding!
  14. Grace enjoying her special services, and how hard her teachers work with her there.
  15. Hearing the girls all play and giggle and sing, especially while Ella is here.
  16. Disposable paper towels.
  17. Not having a septic tank.
  18. The house staying clean for more than a day at a time. Knock on wood.
  19. The white mocha latte I splurged on from Star Bucks today after my doctor's appointment.
  20. When Juliana agrees to take her UTI medicine without arguing about it.
  21. When Juliana does her homework without procrastinating.
  22. That the next three mornings seem to be CLEAR and FREE so that I can go to the gym.
  23. That my neighbor friend gave me the most gorgeous First Communion dress, given to her oddly enough because she has a son, by a former neighbor who had two daughters and didn't need the dresses any more.
  24. That the dress is not only gorgeous, but it fits Juliana with just a little hemming needed, and saves us a few hundred dollars. Yes, that's how nice the dress is.
  25. When the kids don't fark around with the refrigerator temperature settings.

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Inspiration Alley said...

Your gratitude journal is inspiring. I have a happiness journal which really helps me to focus on the positive aspects of my life particularly when going through a rough patch.