Monday, April 14, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Ahhhh, so much to be grateful for. Today, after a weekend that went by far too quickly, I am grateful for…

  1. My caring, patient, understanding husband.
  2. My three smart, funny, sweet daughters.
  3. Advil, for the pain in my rotator cuff.
  4. Imitrex, for proving quickly that it was a good choice for my migraines.
  5. Getting to go grocery shopping.
  6. A somewhat full fridge and pantry.
  7. Finding inexpensive play sand for Grace's sand table.
  8. Did I mention that the sand is from Crayola, and is fricking PINK?
  9. TV remotes and working batteries.
  10. The girls getting to spend most of the weekend outside, especially since it was supposed to rain all weekend.
  11. That it really only ended up raining heavily at night.
  12. That while we're in the flood warning zone, we are not flooding anywhere on my street.
  13. That Windows just automatically saved this journal entry when the program stopped working!
  14. That Luna's boo boo on the outer corner of her eye is healing, and the antibiotic seems to be working.
  15. That the Children's Claritin I gave Grace last night WORKED and she can breathe and enjoy her time outside with her class.
  16. That I still have enough paint to finish my downstairs bathroom before we have Juliana's First Communion party in a few weeks.
  17. That we have enough blue tape to line the bathroom before painting.
  18. That my nail didn't bleed as I ripped it off, even though it hurts like a mofu.
  19. Grace & Anneliese are playing together peacefully while I get chores done.
  20. We have software to calculate taxes for us so that I don't have to do the math.

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