Friday, April 25, 2008

Disconnected. Literally.

Holy farking disconnect, Batman, that was rough! All "you's" in the following statements are really "me." Just so you know.

You never really realize how much you rely on the computer until you don't have it any longer. I went without the computer from Friday night until yesterday afternoon. Grace had decided to help me "clean" and filled a spray bottle with water, then sprayed the computer. Because she wanted to see "pretty rainbow colors." She ended up frying the CPU, which fried everything else except the hard drive.

What do I use the computer for? Mostly, activities for the kids, charts, "my boards," e-mail, addresses and phone numbers, listening to music, and my recipes. I currently am using it to check on e-vites I sent out for Juliana's First Communion party. I felt lost without easy access, and since I've been babysitting and been plus children due to Spring Break, I can't exactly pack the kids up to run to the library to check things. Thank goodness the weather has been gorgeous all week.

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Jackie said...

being without a computer is the worst, and more importantly the internet. It does however leave me with much more free time to do other things in the day lol