Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Senator Masogynist

"Dear" Senator McCain,

For real, dude, did you ACTUALLY say that the gap between the pay of women and men in this country isn't due to discrimination? That women just need more education and training to earn as much as men? REALLY? Because if you did, I seriously doubt you'd have said such a thing if you were a woman. Not that I like her or anything, but have you compared your campaign and ease of obtaining a Presidential Nomination against Hillary's?

I'm flabbergasted. Flabbergasted, I tell you! No, really, I just can't believe the ignorance of that statement. I've personally experienced the Lower Pay Because I'm A Woman Syndrome, where I had the exact same experience and education if not better than a male counterpart, and although we both got the positions, my salary was a good $3-5K less each time.

When you are not a white man in America, but a social minority, you tend to actually back up what you say when you make comments such as yours. Did you not expect people to pick apart such an asinine statement? Did you not expect to enrage American women voters? Or do we just not matter enough, because we're not educated or experienced enough for you?

It's also widely known at this point that you failed to show up for a vote to bring the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to the floor for a Senate vote. No show means no vote. It also means that you don't care enough about women's rights. This little "no show" means you are officially the Senator with the least amount of participation. You have pretty much ignored your current job as Senator, and are now ignoring the importance of women and career discrimination that we face. Is this how you're going to run the country? Without the input and contribution of women? Ignore us when it suits you? Kick us when we're down? Accept our invaluable help, but refuse to give proper credit and consideration?


I am participating in a petition about this.
Click here to see the petition page.

This pretty much seals the deal. You've lost my vote if you don't retract the statement and vote the next time the LLFPA comes up. In fact, I wish I could take back my vote for you in the Republican Primaries. See what you've done? You've eliminated any other possibly decent Republican nominees, and are forcing good Republican women like myself to vote Democrat to the point of considering voting for Hillary in the event Obama doesn't leave her in the dust. And actually hoping she wins over you. You've made me a Clinton supporter by default, you jerk.



Dear God,
Please, please, please… think Obama. Think Obama. Think Obama.
Thank you.


Allie D. said...

Obama has all but sealed this nomination. The idea that there is still even a race here has been manufactured by a ratings-hungry media. But as for the rest of your post, fuck that old codger. He has seriously sold himself out to the political machine he once used to fight so hard against and lost my respect long ago. Would have much rather seen Huckabee pick up the Republican ticket. I might not agree with him on most social issues, but he's a hell of a lot more affable.

kharizzmatik said...

Nothing Senator McCain says or does at this point surprises me anymore. He's sold his soul... I used to have a lot of respect for him, but every day he becomes more and more of a sell out, coming off ignorant and irresonsible and judgemental and out of touch. A Sentaor McCain presidency would've been survivable had the 2000 McCain be running, but this new McCain is downright frightening.