Monday, April 28, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Today I am very grateful for…

  1. My three sweet daughters.
  2. My hard-working husband.
  3. My best friend.
  4. My sweet cat, who I swear meows "HI MAMMA!" when she sees me.
  5. Coffee.
  6. Advil, especially after some hard-core weeding and gardening over the weekend.
  7. Rain, after over a week and a half of no rain, to help minimize the risk of brush fires.
  8. Rain, to help soak up the fertilizer the Spousal Unit put down on the lawn over the weekend, because that stuff reeks to high heaven enough so that my can-hardly-smell-stuff-sniffer actually smelled it.
  9. That I managed to yank out a huge mass of roots from the mountain laurel stump that was ruining my little garden in front of the house.
  10. Anneliese has been trying to poop on the potty instead of leaving me surprises to find.
  11. Grace ate a huge dinner last night, because she's been asking for tilapia and got it.
  12. I got my nails done a week ago and so far, no breakage! Knock on wood!
  13. A semi-full pantry and fridge.
  14. Vitamin supplements.
  15. Lactose-free prepackaged seasonings.
  16. Lactose-free snacks.
  17. When the girls agree to shower without complaining or crying.
  18. When the girls go to bed without putting up a fight.
  19. Seeing Anna and Gracie enjoy each other's company so much lately, and how they tease each other in good fun, and give each other hugs and kisses spontaneously.
  20. Yogurt with fruit in it. Especially cherry.
  21. Monistat. Enough said.
  22. When I get to sleep through the night.
  23. Getting through a night without anyone peeing in bed.
  24. Naps.
  25. Good books.
  26. Good music.
  27. My neighbor, who is altering Juliana's First Communion Dress for me without asking for anything in return.
  28. My neighbor who is ALSO offering to help me decorate Juliana's cake Friday evening, and even gave me a couple of cute decorative items to use.
  29. That Manny fixed my left blinker on the car.
  30. That Price Chopper has that deal with Sunoco to get money off per gallon of gas. I'm up to $0.40/gallon off my next fill-up.

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