Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well Duh, Don't Give Pot To A Toddler

What in the world were these teens thinking??? Giving an 18-MOS OLD POT! I'm telling you, if I ever found out someone did that to one of my children, I don't think I could keep my hands from around their sleazy necks. I'm absolutely livid at this report.

I'm also having a major freak-out thinking about how many other people pull stunts like this with their children and/or even their pets, and aren't stupid enough to take pictures and videos of it. I'm thankful more than I can express that these jackasses did video what they did, because really, what more proof is needed to drive the nails into their proverbial coffins? You want to mess up your own life by risking it smoking whatever comes your way, without certainty of where it came from and what's really in it, and risk your freedom over the fact that it's illegal, go for it. But the instant you involve children in any way whatsoever, you ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent and rot in jail.

Stupid assholes.

If you can't view the embedded video, here's the direct link:

Teen accused of giving marijuana to toddler (click here)
Advocate Reporter

NEWARK — The daughter of a Pataskala man who allegedly kept millions of dollars in drug money in the walls of his house has been charged with administering marijuana to an infant.

Angel Dailey, 16, was arraigned Friday in the Juvenile Division of Licking County Common Pleas Court on two counts of corrupting another with drugs, a fourth-degree felony, and one count of misdemeanor child endangerment.

Angel Dailey is the daughter of Don Dailey, who along with his brother Tim allegedly had $4.2 million and 2,060 pounds of marijuana at their Harrison Township homes during raids last month by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.

The juvenile complaint states Angel Dailey “participated in the administration and holding the child while causing her to ingest marijuana and/or illegal drugs.”

Licking County Assistant Prosecutor Erin Welch said a videotape discovered at a Columbus pawn shop sparked the investigation. Columbus police alerted their counterparts in Pataskala within the past 24 hours, she said.

The allegations occurred from July 1, 2007, to Feb. 2 at 14330 Cleveland Road, Pataskala.

The Watkins Road house raided March 14 by federal agents and attributed to Don Dailey, 39, was listed as 6397 Watkins Road in the federal complaint.

The child victim, who turned 2 years old Friday, was not the daughter of Angel Dailey, but according to the juvenile complaint, Angel Dailey along with her boyfriend Melvin L. Blevins, 18, “were living together and providing care for (the victim).”

Blevins was arrested about 7 p.m. Thursday by Pataskala police, but local charges were superceded because he will face at least one federal drug charge in connection with the Daileys, said Tony Marotta, agent-in-charge for Ohio for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Blevins was transferred from the Licking County Justice Center into federal custody for allegedly distributing ecstasy, Marotta said. He faces a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute, he said.

Pataskala Police Chief Chris Forshey referred questions to federal prosecutors.

Because of a possible conflict of interest with Angel Dailey’s attorney, Jeffrey Davis, of Columbus, Judge Robert Hoover entered pleas of deny to all three charges for the 16-year-old.

Davis also is representing Dailey’s stepmother, who the attorney said was under scrutiny in connection with the investigation of her husband, Don Dailey.

Angel Dailey, a junior at Licking Heights High School, was arrested at Blevins’ home Thursday night and will be detained at a juvenile facility in Lancaster pending her adjudication.

Amy Picard and Jim Sabin contributed to this report.


drina said...

wow, that actually made me sick to my effing stomach. what the f were they thinking? Poor little baby, I'd be so livid if that were my kids too.

♥♫J€§§¡¢a♥W€§§¡¢a♫♥ said...

Yeah, this is EXACTLY the sort of reasoning why my husband and I don't trust babysitters that aren't immediate family or VERY close friends. These stupid kids were BABYSITTING this poor girl, who the news report (video) said was 18 months. Just disgusting.