Monday, March 24, 2008

You Think Fat Is Ugly?

I initially got these pictures in an e-mail titled "And You Think FAT Is Ugly?"

Clearly, these photos are intended to repulse *you* and recognize that it's just as much of a sickness to be too thin (skeletal thin) as it is to be obese.

But instead of feeling repulsed, I find myself wondering how in the frickity farking frack these women DID this to themselves. I find myself saddened. I find myself hoping that these photos are photo-shopped and exaggerated (ETA: the photos ARE in fact altered from their original, it's on Snopes).

And unfortunately, while I by NO MEANS envy these women, they simply make me realize that at my present weight, I'm simply at the opposite end of the spectrum. Not intentionally, but still. My saving grace is that I'm working to slenderize. But this will be my reminder that there really IS such a thing as "too thin."

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