Monday, March 24, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Today, on another sunny, bright day, I am very grateful for…

  1. My 3 beautiful daughters.
  2. That all 3 of them are healthy at the same time.
  3. My husband.
  4. My IL's.
  5. My family.
  6. My friends.
  7. My gym membership.
  8. Febreze. No joke. Especially in the car.
  9. Finding Lactaid milk for only $3.29 down the street, cheaper than the store brand of the grocery story I normally go to.
  10. Getting a discount on my gasoline, thanks to Price Chopper.
  11. Warmer weather, so that we don't have to use the heating oil all day and all night.
  12. Do-it-yourself, easy hair color. Although that one could easily be on the Very Bad Things To Do List. ;-)
  13. Soft-taco kits for easy dinners.
  14. Advil, for the pain in my sciatica after doing a Zumba class this morning at the gym.
  15. When the Zumba class ended.
  16. Yogurt, for oh-so-many reasons.
  17. DVR for the kid's must-watch-over-and-over shows.
  18. Arm & Hammer kitty litter.
  19. Having had a great Easter weekend and Easter Sunday.
  20. When the girls go more than a few hours without making a mess that Must Be Cleaned Immediately.
  21. When my Aspie is trigger-free for a whole day.
  22. BED TIME.
  23. Soft pillows and comforters.
  24. Good music.
  25. Acrylic overlays for my nails.

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