Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life, Simplified

When you have a family, it's all about simplifying. For instance, as a child begins toilet training, it quickly becomes evident that for your sanity and ease of teaching, you must simplify. That means making a routine. A simple routine. Children learn best with repetition, which you already know because your daughter has asked you to replay the same episode of Blue's Clues nine times within two days. It's no different with toilet training.

So, my 3 yr old is toilet training herself. She's been calling the shots since she started, and as long as I don't pressure her, she succeeds. We've got daytime pee down pat, with very few accidents. Accidents right now occur if she's VERY ANGRY AND CRYING AND SCREAMING, and loses control of everything, including her bladder. Still working on poo. But she's so good that she's in big girl skivvies all day.

She's very independent about this training. Yet, as independent as she is, she figured out quickly that it's easier to get onto the toilet (we use the big one with a nice cushy converter seat for her) by having a grown-up lift her. Very convenient for HER, but a PITA for an adult who is in the middle of burning dinner. Last night, we Simplified The Toilet Routine. Mommy bought a simple, pink kiddie step-stool. So far, so good, especially since Anneliese is very much in a I Will Do It Myself phase, and she no longer has to wait on me to put down whatever I was doing to get her onto the toilet. I even taught her how to get the right amount of toilet paper, and how to wrap and hold it because she won't let me do it anymore.

Seriously. A pink stool has made life in general much simpler. Who would have thought it?

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