Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Gratefulness Journal

  1. My daughters, especially when they're all in a good mood.
  2. My husband, and how hard he works to provide for us.
  3. Getting to be a SAHM.
  4. Dunkin Donut drive-thru .
  5. Three sunny days in a row.
  6. That Anneliese has been wearing big girl underwear for over a week now!
  7. That means I have three children, all out of diapers. Well, Anneliese is almost out of Pull-Ups… just at night!
  8. That my co-leader for my Brownie Troop ran last night's meeting and I got to stay home.
  9. That Juliana was not sick today, after having nausea and a fever all yesterday.
  10. My newfound appreciation for being Catholic, and a Christian.
  11. Living in a country that protects Freedom of Religion, so that we can all worship (or not) as we choose.
  12. That the girls haven't trashed the house beyond recognition this week.
  13. When Luna snuggles with me, and expects nothing in return.
  14. That we have NOTHING to do this weekend except get groceries and Easter dresses for the girls.
  15. Pretty pajamas for Mommy.
  16. Good books.
  17. Great music.
  18. Laundry detergent that smells amazing.
  19. Having critical thinking skills.
  20. Adult interaction.

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