Monday, March 17, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

On this sunshiny Monday, I am very grateful for…

  1. My three little daughters.
  2. My handsome husband, even when he just doesn't "get it."
  3. Having found my car & house keys, especially since they were lost for 2 entire days.
  4. A working dishwasher.
  5. Being handy around the house.
  6. Spray paint, so that jobs like painting the mailbox and a foyer table are quick and easy, and inexpensive.
  7. That we have a mailbox right on our house so that I don't have to drive to a post office box like my parents do every single day.
  8. That I started babysitting for my best friend's daughter again, which means I'll be earning $50/week and can help pay a few bills.
  9. That on April 1st I'll also be starting to babysit for my Neighbor Chick friend, who'll be working full time, which means that even during vacations I'll have him and get paid.
  10. My darling cat, who is so patient with the girls, and has the best personality.
  11. That something so simple as lolcats can make me laugh and change the whole outlook of my day sometimes.
  12. Seriously, Paxil and Ativan.
  13. Children's Motrin and Children's Tylenol, especially since the girls are all taking turns with a high fever.
  14. When Juliana does her homework without having to be harassed and threatened.
  15. Having running water and electricity.
  16. The people that prepackage food for us, so that we don't all have to be farm owners and workers. I don't do well around chicken or cow poop.
  17. Convenience clean-up products made for messy children.
  18. That the Jehovah's Witness just left a tract in my door today instead of knocking, because I was up to my elbows in cleaning and dealing with the two younger kids all morning.
  19. That I got to have a real, actual, full shower today!
  20. Vanilla scented creamy shower wash.
  21. Hairspray.
  22. Disposable razors.
  23. Potholders.
  24. My large round pizza stone.
  25. Comfortable jammies.

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