Sunday, March 16, 2008

Awww Sweet! Easter Outfits

Last night I bought the girls' Easter dresses and shoes. I'm excited about this, because it's been a couple of years since we did this, and I really want to have some pictures done of them for the holiday this year. I haven't had all three of them in a holiday picture since Christmas 2006. Yeah, I know. I'm really bad about that since Anneliese was born.

Don't chastize me, funds have been tight.

Juliana has these shoes exactly, in a frigging size 13. Grace has them in size 11, and since hers are smaller,there's a little white elastic-y strap so that it's almost like a Mary Jane. Anyway, Juliana wore her shoes to bed, and Daddy had to remove them after she fell asleep. I originally bought Grace's shoes in an 11 1/2, but apparently her feet aren't growing.

This is what Anneliese has for shoes, in a 9 1/2 because her feet grow quickly and her 9's are getting snug. She loves them. She slept in her shoes last night.

OK, dresses. This first one is one I bought 2 of... one for Anneliese, and one for Grace, because they love dressing alike.

The last dress would be, of course, Juliana's dress. It's almost identical to this one, but the stupid store didn't have them on the site. Her dress has the same colors in the dress, but in Cherry Blossoms, not roses. Also, the little coverlet for the arms is dark pink, like the darkest pink in the dress, and the ribbon is pale pink. All the girls are wearing pale pink tights.

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Dreen Pie said...

I made a set of bows for a lady who bought the same dress as you did for the girls, here is a picture:

I love your choices!! Cant wait to see the girls in them!