Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Aftermath

I did end up staying home with Anneliese last night, and handed out candy to more children than I honestly thought we'd get. We went through four bags of candy that The Husband had brought home to hand out. The Husband took Juliana and Grace to a few houses on our street, and then down to the town green to TOT with the rest of the town. All of the town businesses set up candy booths on the town green, and the businesses that surround the town green open their doors and stay open late to hand out candy to the kids. Even the church that's in the town green, and the library, pass out candy. The fire department sets up a tent with fire safety bags and goodies too. Usually, they set up a huge video screen and play The Great Pumpkin and some other great Halloween cartoons.

The kids got back home and they almost immediately tore into their bags (after being checked, of course). Grace even dealt really well with the understanding that she couldn't have some of the candy due to there being lactose. She's a good kid. Now, I tried to initiate a 3-piece limit because honestly, it was time for bed. Well, time for bed after the candy bowl was empty and the excitement of seeing if their friends from school were at our door was over. That was a favorite event… answering the door and seeing classmates in costumes. Since The Husband was there, the 3-piece limit went out the door, and they had much more than that. Juliana crashed, Grace sort of wound down with help from the kitten, and Anneliese was bouncing off the walls until at least 10:00. She crashed, like seriously crashed, in my bed at about 10:30.

I settled into bed then too, and vegged out waiting for the Advil to do it's magic on my back. Thankfully, I slept like a rock. It just didn't last long enough. Oh well.

Today is going to be a busy day. I have a meeting with the Occupational Therapy team for Grace today. They completed their evaluations, so we'll be discussing them today. I'm going to seriously have to push them to make sure she gets special services. Her expressive language is just virtually non-existent, and she may be showing improvements, but still needs the extra help. Right after that meeting, I have to go pick up Juliana from school and take all three of the kids to the pediatrician for their annual flu shot. Oh joy. After the wonderfulness that is getting needles stuck in their arms, we come home for a quick dinner and I head back out with Juliana for our Brownie Troop meeting. Wish me luck getting her to do her homework when we get home from Brownies.

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