Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am, apparently, a party pooper. To that I say "BAH! Every party needs a pooper!" For real, my sciatica got thrown out today and it hurts to walk too long, stand too long, or sit too long. It goes all the way down my leg, and all the way up to my shoulders and neck. I'm tired. I also just refluxed something nasty and now my throat burns. I can't stop yawning. I've been insanely busy the past few days and it's not slowing down, but all I want to do is sleep.

You've probably guessed at this point that I'm in no mood for Trick or Treating tonight. Nope, not at all. We're supposed to be going up to my best friend's neighborhood because they always get a ton of candy, but mostly because the kids love spending time together. Usually I enjoy it, but this year, I just want to be in bed. I don't want anyone to bother me, except for handing out candy.

This year will be the first year that I have to make sure that none of Grace's candy has lactose in it, thanks to her lactose intolerance. What sucks most is that even most mainstream brand dark chocolates have milk or milk-fat in them, or they'll say "*lactose" with the notation on the * being that there's a minimal amount of lactose, aka, not enough to worry about. Except with someone like Grace, who is VERY sensitive to lactose and will get sick with even a miniscule amount. I've already warned Juliana that some trades will have to be made to accommodate Grace's lactose intolerance. Normally I take all of their bags of candy and dump them into one big container and let them grab from that so that everything ends up pretty much equal. I suppose I could do that again, and just make sure that Grace's choices are lactose-free.

Well, the kids are really excited, so I'm probably going to end up TOT with them no matter what I want to do. Grace has actually piped up in her tiny little voice and asked "Ooh! Is it How-oh-ween yet?" She's wearing her little purple ballerina tutu, and her new purple rainbow-swirl crocs. Juliana is patiently waiting to put her princess dress on, but still has homework to do. Anneliese is napping, so she'll be refreshed and excited to wear her fairy costume. The only problem with Anna's costume is that it's from last year, meaning while it's in immaculate condition, the wings were torn to shreds ages ago. So I guess she's really a fairy princess, just without wings.

Me? I'm in jeans and a black sweater. My costume is a fat suit.


Allie D. said...

Well, if it helps at all, your page looks fantastic!

I feel sorry for Grace in that she may never know again the joys of chocolate. :(

Dreen Pie said...

I know sciatic nerve pain. I got it while pregnant with ethan. Really badly too. I wore my "hiding my fat" suit in all black. I hope you feel better soon! ((hugs))