Monday, October 22, 2007

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

On this beautiful Monday morning, I am very grateful for:

  1. My husband, letting me nap to try to get rid of this migraine over the weekend.
  2. My daughters.
  3. Food in the pantry and fridge.
  4. Deliciously hot coffee.
  5. Hot showers.
  6. Sunshine and crisp air that smells wonderful in the morning.
  7. My mom.
  8. Gracie getting up a great mood this morning, and BEGGING to go to school.
  9. How cute she looked in her sneakers, undies, shirt, and backpack and insisting she was "ready to go."
  10. A working computer.
  11. Crispy fresh apples for making apple crisp.
  12. Hugs and kisses from my girls.
  13. Hugs and kisses from my husband.
  14. Paper towels and toilet paper.
  15. Shampoo and conditioner.
  16. Dishwashers.
  17. My sweet, smart, silly kitten.
  18. Remote controls.
  19. Music to fit any mood.
  20. Online calendar reminders or I'd never be anywhere on time lately.

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