Thursday, October 18, 2007

Late Gratefulness Journal

Being offline for so long, I forgot to do a new gratefulness journal when I got the new hard drive set up Monday. Oops.

Today, I am very, truly grateful...

  1. coffee and caffeine.
  2. for a working computer.
  3. my daughters.
  4. my husband.
  5. my 3 best real-life friends.
  6. that I had such an amazing, wonderful weekend in New Hampshire with them this past weekend.
  7. that I got to spend my birthday doing something I wanted and needed to do.
  8. that Manny was thoughtful enough to buy a deliciously dark chocolate birthday cake on Monday after work.
  9. that he let me sleep from the time he got home, and didn't go to his night job last night, because I had thrown up and was still very nauseated.
  10. Advil.
  11. when the girls have a good day all at the same time.
  12. that it's not cold enough to have to turn the heat on, and we get to save on oil for a while longer.
  13. when the girls obey.
  14. when the girls all get along, especially when Juliana is nice to Grace.
  15. that Anneliese seems open to the idea of potty training all of a sudden.
  16. having a new printer that works, because Manny has a knack for breaking them.
  17. for food in the fridge and pantry.
  18. hugs and kisses from the girls.
  19. for getting to hear the girls say "I lub you Mommy!"
  20. how much the girls love Luna Tinkerbell.
  21. how sweet-natured, patient, and tolerant Luna is.
  22. apple crisp and it's awesomeness at invoking good memories and feelings just from the scent.
  23. for my mom.
  24. for calendar reminders, or I'd never remember anything.
  25. for Ativan & Paxil. For real, yo.

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