Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hate Mail Hall Of Fame: part 1

Here's one for the Hall of Fame.

I just got some fabulous hate mail. I'm a Personal Name Advisor on BabyNamesWorld, and I'm also the Team Leader for the PNA's. It's probably not very professional of me to post someone's hate mail publicly, but honestly, this is just priceless. Apparently, Desiree' decided to google her name and she found a thread (I imagine a really, really old thread) on BNW that discussed the name Desiree.

This is actually really entertaining for all of it's viciousness, and deserves to go into the Hate Mail Hall of Fame. I have not altered her punctuation, grammar, or spelling. And believe it or not, but this chick is 32 yrs old.

----- Original Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Thursday, June
21, 2007 3:59:37 PM
Subject: Desiree being a trashy name


Calling you a snob is an understatement! My name happens
to be Desiree' and I think it is pretty witchy of you people to be judging a
person based solely on their name which for one thing a person has no say in.
Second of all you need to get a life. Anyone who spends the better part of the
day posting idiotic comments about names rather than spending time with their
children or making themselves useful (If you have so much time on your hands how about getting a job!!!!) Third I constantly receive compliments on my name...I am not a Snobby witch like you but the nerve of someone with name Jessica to say Desiree' sounds like can't get much more boring than Jessica..How many compliments do you get on that boring name? If we want to judge people by their names...Jessica reminds me of a boring, fat, lazy, woman that spends the majority of her day sitting on her fat ass on the internet. I was researching my name and came across your comment. I joined you stupid name site just to tell you off. Think again before you trash someone just because of their name Jessica!

*This email was sent to you by Desiree M
via your account on Baby Names World.

So, I laughed after my initial "WTF moment" and just have to now say:

How very mature and kind of you to e-mail me simply to harass me, and pitch a childish hissy fit. :-)

I didn't say anywhere that someone named Desiree would be trashy. In my OPINION, the NAME was a bit trashy and downmarket. It's regularly chosen by strippers as their stage name. If you don't believe me, you might want to become even more acquainted with Google results.

I don't give a rat's patootie about compliments you may get. That's fabulous, and I'm glad you get complimented. Since it's YOUR name, you should feel good about it instead of being anxious to change it once you're a legal adult.

But guess what, toots... I get compliments on my name as well. Luckily, my name has some rich history in the Bible, not to mention it's in Shakespearian literature (you do know who Shakespeare was, right?), as well as having some wonderful songs with my name. Oh yes, and I believe I share my name with Royalty. ;-)

I'm entitled to my opinion, just as you're entitled to yours. You're just going to have to suck it up that people aren't going to like your name. That doesn't mean people won't like YOU. Although, right about now, I'm not liking you based on your attitude or your behavior, which is beyond immature and rude. You need to learn to separate discussion of a name from discussion of a person. I study names as a hobby and offer advice and my opinion to those who ASK for it. I wouldn't start a thread somewhere just to bash a name. The whole point of a baby name site is to DISCUSS NAMES and offer various opinions. If you can't handle a difference in opinion or handle it like a mature adult, then maybe you shouldn't have internet access.

Oh yes, and I do have three children, and spend the better part of my day caring for them, but thanks for your concern about their welfare and the size of my ass. I donate my time as a team leader on BNW to people who are asking for advice, suggestion, reviews, opinions, etc.

Have a sparkly day, darlin', and maybe somewhere down the road, you'll learn not to attack people needlessly. You should really get over your own insecurities and inability to act like a decent person when trying to express your opinions, and remember that people are entitled to disagree with you. Living in a sugar-coated saccharine world is tiresome, and it's a lie, so I refuse to apologize for being honest in my opinions and the fact that I wasn't all sparkly with glitter, rainbows, and kittens.

In other words, deal with it. And grow up.


jtmariece said...

Wow. What an idiot. I guess it takes all kinds huh? Even the Desiree' striper's, that this girl seems hell bent on not acknowledging the history of her name. You could ask...are all the compliments on her name being offered by men? Men who frequent these establishments lol.

And, my own theory with names is, you like the person, you forget the name. you dislike the person, you remember the name. I have remembered quite a few desiree's...


♥J€§§†©@♥W€§§†©@♥ said...


Anonymous said...

Loopy loopy Desiree. I'm surprised she left out the obligatory "can't get laid" insult but then you have three gorgeous girls don't you? ;)

bella said...

God, you have to be kidding me, right?
Some people!!

♥J€§§†©@♥W€§§†©@♥ said...

Bella, I am soooo not kidding. That's a real e-mail I got from an enraged Desiree. Excuse me, Desiree'. She's 32 years old, folks.