Thursday, June 21, 2007


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Lately, Anneliese has been trailing food around the house. Today it finally reached a point where I just stared and watched her to see if I could "read" her. She was taking bread and pulling little bits off of it, then squatting and placing it just so on the floor, in a trail, across my kitchen and living room. She was so particular about how she did it. When she finished, she looked at me with a pleased expression so I asked her was she was doing. She grinned and said "Tinkers!" Um, sure, OK.

I cleaned up the bread, threw it out and a bit later she did it again. This time, Care Bears Big Wish movie was on. And I realized that she was acting out a scene in the movie where Wish Bear is leaving a trail of a PB&J sandwich to try to coax out a little wishing star named "Twinkers."

UPDATED: Here's the clip of the video that Anneliese has been copying:

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