Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Speaking Of Falling Off The Wagon...

Today is Ash Wednesday. In the Christian world, this represents the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by The Devil. During Lent, we are supposed to first fast on Ash Wednesday, and keep it meatless. Throughout the rest of Lent we keep Fridays meatless but don't have to fast unless it's part of what you're giving up. Keep in mind that Good Friday is the day Jesus was raised up on the cross and was crucified, dying that same day. To honor that, you also fast again on Good Friday as well as keeping it meatless. Why keep a day meatless? Because it's considered a sacrifice, and since meat has always been more expensive than other foods (veggies, fish, fruits) until recently, going meatless is symbolic of the fasting hardship Jesus endured in the desert. He was not allowed to receive help from the Heavenly host of angels, nor did he succumb to the temptations of rich, succulent meals by Satan.

In addition to fasting on Ash Wednesday and keeping the appropriate days meatless, it's tradition to give something up for the Forty Days of Lent. It should be a hardship, in a sense. Some people might give up cigarettes, others coffee, still others chocolate or snack foods. Some people try to break other habits such as cussing or telling fibs.

Well, I've decided that now is a good time for me to re-establish my non-diet diet that I fell off the wagon of back during the holidays. I'm not even sure exactly when it happened, but I do know that after months, it was still too easy to start snacking at night again. So once again, no snacking or meals after 6 PM. A light breakfast, since normally it's none at all or some coffee or tea. I have to get all of my calories in before 6 PM so that I'm not craving anything later than that. It's time to start drinking more fluids again too. I know I can do it. And I'm motivated. What better time to start than now, when Lent will give me added resolve?

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