Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Didn't Even Go A Whole Week

Britney, once again I find myself saying "WTF?!?" Did you not read my open letter to you yesterday? I knew it wouldn't take a whole week before you pulled some stupid stunt to get back in the limelight. I just have to say that I do appreciate the humor in all of this, but don't you think you've become quite the Party Girl Cliche? It's NOT a good thing to emmulate Lindsay Lohan, girl. Seriously.

I'm just so disappointed that you gave such hope for your recovery. We looked forward to your 45-day stay in the rehab facility that you willingly walked into. We felt badly for how low you must have felt, how sad and defeated. February 20th was the day your new life would begin and the old Britney would be stripped away. The joke is over (click here). Or so we thought.

Because after you entered rehab willingly, you went ahead and ditched it again. Girl, WTF is going on?

P.S. BTW, you do realize that after this cool commercial and all of the easy money you could have made with Pepsi, they've dropped you, right?

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