Monday, February 19, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Monday

Today, I'm very, truly grateful for:

  1. My 3 beautiful daughters.
  2. My wonderful husband.
  3. My parents and brothers.
  4. My grandparents.
  5. A full pantry and fridge.
  6. That my RX is working and kicking my sinus infection's ass.
  7. A working furnace.
  8. That the girls enjoy drawing and coloring.
  9. Hearing the girls playing and laughing together.
  10. That when Grace bit Anneliese today, it didn't bleed even though it broke the skin and left a mark.
  11. A sense of humor.
  12. French Vanilla coffee.
  13. How cute Anneliese looks walking around carrying a pinwheel, wearing nothing but her diaper, a cute shirt, and her winter hat.
  14. Sunshiney days.
  15. That my mom gave me the turkey butt yesterday so that I could make a huge pot of turkey boullion today for 2 meals of turkey soup.
  16. The mute button.
  17. When the girls obey and don't argue.
  18. When the girls stay asleep all night.
  19. General Hospital, with it's current AWESOME storyline in the Metro Court. I can't WAIT to see today's episode.
  20. Mmmmm Jason Momoa.

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