Monday, February 19, 2007

Hostage Crisis At The Metro Court: GH FANS

OK first off, can I just say OH MY GOD WHAT AN AWESOME STORYLINE?!?!? For the past month and a half, I haven't been able to watch my DVR'd episode consistently. Finally, Friday night and last night, I was able to watch about 2 weeks worth of episodes back-to-back and catch up. I fast-forwarded through all commercials, of course, and "boring stuff" but thankfully not through the set-up involving James Craig and Alcazar. I thought it odd that Lorenzo tried to ambush Sonny, and I think it's stupid that Sonny tricked Carly into marrying her. Yes, I think Carly belongs with Jax and I think it's equally stupid that Jax has been MIA since what, Christmas?

Anyway, the first episode where they started the Metro Court countdown, I was hooked. My heart actually started racing and I've been emotionally invested. There have been some fantastic plot twists and adventure, even though having Craig picking on LuLu is getting rather old.

I realize I'm all over the place with this post right now. So I'll try to organize it a bit.

What I like about the Metro Court Hostage Crisis:
  1. That Robin was shot right off the bat. I like Robin, but I imagine that she would have been rather, um, preachy and goody-goody throughout the crisis.
  2. I like that Robin being shot to make a point was so freaking intense.
  3. I like that it progressed the Robin/Patrick love story. I love the new personality Patrick has now that he and Robin are in distress. I love that he told Pete off, and Pete took it in stride with the appropriate look of guilt on his face.
  4. I love that the the original Sam is coming back out. She became rather a bit much as Jason's appendage.
  5. That Spinelli is clearly infatuated with LuLu and is a major player in the storyline. I hated him at first, but he's actually quite sweet when he's not spouting his "duuuude
  6. That Jason infiltrated the hotel and dressed like a hostage, and that because they knew he was there, Elizabeth and Sam calmed down.
  7. That they didn't have Elizabeth deliver the baby prematurely.
  8. That Emily had a freaking awesome meltdown. She looked ready to pop an artery.
  9. When Carly joked about failing nursing school.
  10. That Carly was the one who had to stitch Robin up, and later told Sonny how gross it was having to sew human flesh.
  11. That Alcazar is stuck in the hospital with his selective memory loss.
  12. That new doctor with the bossy attitude.

What I dislike about the Metro Court Hostage Crisis:

  1. That Elizabeth still hasn't told Jason that he's the father of her unborn baby. I really hope she tells Jason as soon as the whole crisis is over.
  2. That Lucky and Luke got into the hotel so easily, and then had to come back out to save Alan.
  3. That Ric was put in charge of the crisis.
  4. That Mac hasn't been a bigger character in this whole thing.
  5. That Felicia hasn't flown back from being with her grandmother since her daughter is stuck inside.
  6. That Lucas and Robert are nowhere to be found, even though they both have family inside the hotel. Actually, does Lucas know that Robert is his biological father? That Robin is actually his half sister?
  7. That James Craig aka Number One has such an issue with LuLu.
  8. That LuLu keeps getting moved back and forth from the lobby to an office room.
  9. That Jax hasn't made an appearance, even outside. He's half owner of the hotel and his fiance is trapped inside. He doesn't even know his fiance married her ex-husband yet.
  10. That it looks like Carly and Sonny might STAY married. Let the relationship be over, already.
  11. That Max got shot.
  12. That Skye is being such a bitch about witholding information.
  13. The whole Alcazar/Skye thing. They annoy me, although I think it would be cool if they make Skye a big underworld mob big shot.

What confuses/amuses me about the Metro Court Hostage Crisis:

  1. That Sonny was able to figure out the 6 digit code from the telephone dial pad so quickly without looking at the phone.
  2. Sam has worked at Metro Court for all of what, 2 days and she's an expert on the layout of the hotel already?
  3. Is Number 5 a mean bitch or "sensitive" to the hostages? Or does she just have a grudge with certain ones?
  4. WTH is up with Manuel's priest-brother? Does Sam believe that he is who he says he is, or is she scared of him? Make up your mind, Sam!
  5. Is Alan going to die or not? If he is, why are they getting rid of him? I didn't understand why they killed off Tony Jones either.
  6. For that matter, when Tony died during the epidemic, I missed when he died. Did they show that on camera? Was there a funeral? I missed like 3/4 of that storyline because so much of it focused on Whiny Ass Courtney. I was relieved when they killed off Courtney, she was so freaking boring.
  7. Where's Milo? He's infatuated with LuLu AND his brother, Max, are trapped inside, plus he's one of Sonny's bodyguards, so why isn't he waiting outside for word? Why isn't he trying to help Jason get into the hotel?
  8. Why didn't Jason ask Spinelli before they even got into the hotel if Spinelli could over-ride the vault lock-out? Why was it LuLu who pointed out to Craig that Spinelli might be able to open the vault early?

OK, that's all for the moment. I may add more later.

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