Friday, February 16, 2007

Grateful Journal 2/16/07

Wow, has it really been since Monday since I posted? Eek! Well, on this lovely Friday, I am very thankful for:

  1. The fact that Manny had the day off from work.
  2. I got to finally go see my dr for this sinus infection and get some kick ass antibiotics.
  3. That I got to have a nap this afternoon.
  4. That it's only 8:21 pm and ALL of the kids actually fell asleep before 7:15 pm!
  5. My wonderful, smart, beautiful daughters.
  6. My husband.
  7. My best friend.
  8. Ice water.
  9. Hot tea, feeling so good in my throat.
  10. That I got to eat a hot egg & cheddar sandwich on whole wheat for dinner since the girls are all sleeping early.
  11. That it was sunny today and not snowy.
  12. My soft chenille sweater.
  13. Fuzzy slippers.
  14. Hot showers.
  15. A working furnace when it's 13ยบ outside, and windy.
  16. That Anneliese is so sweet and affectionate.
  17. That when the kids get sick, it's usually over within a few days.
  18. When decongestants work.
  19. Being able to turn the ringer on the phone off.
  20. Being able to go to bed early, since my sinus infection is making me dizzy.

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