Saturday, January 06, 2007

Whoa Geez My Fingers

I'm telling you, the caffeine is still coursing through me. I just noticed about a zillion typos in my last post, all due to me not being able to concentrate really great and I'm typing (and talking) quite a bit faster than usual. My SIL told me I sound like I'm on speed and asked what was wrong with me then laughed when I told her I had the equivalent of 4 strong espressos crammed into one huge mug-worth of cappuccino. My fingers feel like they've got restless leg syndrome. I had a huge huge glass of water, but I haven't eaten yet today so I'm making a huge pot of soup and some blondies. I figure maybe if I eat I'll feel better. Not that I feel bad, but I'm not liking how the coffee is making me feel. Like high with a panic attack, and my fingers are all funny. I said that already, but seriously, it's weird. My fingers just don't want to obey and they feel all thick and clunky, and restless.

Dude, I'm so serious. Maybe I should have spaced out the caffeine intake a tad. And take an Atavan or something. Ooh soup's ready!

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jtmariece said...

ha ha. . I didn't notice the typos as much as I noticed how your thoughts were all over the place :) Hopefully you got some sleep last night lol