Saturday, January 06, 2007

Even With Sucky Finances...

Even with sucky finances I'm still a diaper snob. I admit it. But damn it, I have good reason! With Anneliese, we've been using Huggies. Just regular Huggies. Occasionally if there's a sale or coupon, we grab Luvs, but they don't work as well and the material this time around is somehwat "cheap" and she finds them uncomfortable. Well, recently, my best friend gave us a package of generic diapers. They're nice enough and I definitely appreciate being able to stretch out the time between having to buy diapers. They work well enough too, but Anneliese hasn't appreciate them. If she pees even the tiniest bit, she yanks them off. We went through the package in like a week and a half, so that was great. Today, we had to open up a new box of Huggies. Huggies seems to have changed the diapers again, and they're even better than before... and I didn't realize until seeing them side by side in usage that they really are BETTER than the generics. They hold up better and seem to be more comfortable. They're also not quite as padded and thick, so I think they feel less bulky on her as well. I know they look less bulky.

I really should be a Huggies spokesperson. I wonder how well they pay?

Supposedly it's goint to be mid-60º's today, and it's already 41º. It's cloudy but there's a breakthrough of sun right now. Chance of rain, 100%. Manny really wanted to take the kids to the park or something today, but it's still soggy from yesterday and if it's supposed to rain, who knows? The kids are on the porch right now. I need to go open some windows.

Ugh, my foot. My eczema-laden foot. I'm out of my Rx cream, but the dr won't refill it until I go in for a check-up. It's out of control right now but with our finances so tight, it's a $25 co-pay for the office visit and a $40 co-pay for the Rx, which is only a couple of ounces. The tube itself would be over $100 without the co-pay, but still. I don't think I have a choice, but we just can't afford it right now.

I think it's time to take the Christmas tree down. The kids have been good about it until the last couple of days, but Anneliese tried to knock it over last night, and they keep playing with the lights.

I made 4 servings of espresso in my new (gifted) coffee-espresso-cappuccino maker so that I could make a mug of cappuccino, but oh lordy lordy, I haven't had that much caffeine in YEARS. I'm all jittery and I feel my heart racing and shit. Wow. I haven't even finished the mug yet. I have a feeling I may have some trouble getting to sleep tonight heh heh. I feel high, seriously. Who needs drugs when there's super-charged cappuccino?!? I'm not kidding. My eyes are a tad jittery. I think I'll go flush some of the caffeine out with some water now.

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