Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm A Tad Disturbed

No, not that. I'm perfectly sane.

There's a story I just read on my home page, and watched the accompanying Good Morning America video. Two New Yorkers saved the life of a 3 yr old preschool boy this past week, just 2 days after another New Yorker saved the teen that had the seizure and was almost hit by the train.

What disturbs me is that the boy fell four stories from a fire escape... and that he had managed to crawl out there to begin with. Thank God above that this boy's guardian angels made sure there were 2 strong men there to hear the boy cry for help and catch him. FOUR STORIES HIGH... that's about 40 feet. The video only briefly showed the mother, who was asked how the boy is doing and how she's feeling. He's doing well, and she's "very grateful." She'd better be more than grateful, especially if CPS doesn't decide to investigate why that little boy was out there to begin with. Apparently, mom was at work, so mom isn't at fault. She might need to rethink her childcare provider and install some Guardian Angel Window Guards on her windows.

Two NYC Men Save Falling Toddler:

Fri Jan 5, 7:53 AM ET

NEW YORK - Two passers-by rescued a toddler who
fell four stories, scrambling to catch him as he tumbled from a fire escape,
police said.

Julio Gonzalez, 43, and Pedro Nevarez, 40, saw 3-year-old
Timothy Addo dangling from a Bronx building on Thursday, police said. The boy
had crawled out of a window when his baby sitter briefly took her eyes off of
him, police said.

"He was hanging on for dear life," Gonzalez said.

Hearing people in the building scream for help as the boy's grip
weakened, the men rushed over to position themselves under the fire escape to
catch him.

"No one came," Nevarez said. "We knew it was up to us."

The boy tumbled and hit Nevarez in the chest so hard he knocked him off
balance, but he bounced into Gonzalez' arms.

Timothy was treated at the
hospital for a cut on his forehead.

"He's fine. He's happy. He's
smiling," said his mother, 26-year-old Katrina Cosme, who was working at the
time of the accident.

Police talked to the baby sitter, and an
investigation was continuing Friday, Detective John Sweeney said.

crucial catch came two days after a bystander threw himself onto a Manhattan
subway track to save a man who had fallen, and a day after three police officers
delivered a baby on a Brooklyn subway platform.

"This is the week of
heroes in New York," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

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