Monday, January 29, 2007


Heh heh, Anneliese makes me laugh. She comes up to me and says "Mama, I pooted!" No, thankfully, no pooting this early in the day yet, but she did pee. I help her out of her jammies and she rips off her diaper, then runs away giggling. Then she turns toward me and shouts "I KWAT!" as she squats and does a jig. Yes, a jig. Apparently, the "Kwat Jig."

When the girls are in the shower, I have one of those poofy sponges to scrub them. I always tell them "OK, time to squat so we can wash your hoo hoo" and then again "OK ladies, time to squat to rinse you off!" Anneliese, lately, is the first one to squat, not waiting for me to tell them that it's time. She shouts "OK yay-deez, KWAT!"

She is such a girl.

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