Monday, January 29, 2007


On this final monday of January, 2007, I am so very grateful for:

  1. My 3 beautiful, smart, funny, safe daughters.
  2. My wonderful, generous, handsome husband.
  3. My cappuccino maker.
  4. The ability to hear, as I listen to some of my favorite music.
  5. Delicious, homemade Italian bread.
  6. That dreams are just dreams and don't all come true.
  7. Imaginative learning toys.
  8. My wonderfullly warm winter coat.
  9. Having heat in this 22ยบ coldness.
  10. That a bus comes every morning to pick Juliana up for school, so that I don't have to pack 3 kids in the car every morning to drop her off.
  11. That Anneliese will be turning 2 years old one week from today!!!
  12. That we have 2 weeks to prepare for her 2nd birthday party.
  13. My best friend.
  14. My online friends.
  15. The feeling I get when my daughters give me a kiss or a hug.
  16. The feeling I get when I see my daughters enjoying each other's company and showing each other affection.
  17. The way Manny looks at the girls when he plays with them or is talking to them.
  18. Remote controls.
  19. Toilet paper.
  20. Paper towels.
  21. My bathrobe.
  22. My fuzzy slippers and nice warm sweater.
  23. Shampoo and conditioner that don't give me an allergic reaction.
  24. When all the girls sleep all through the night.
  25. Pens that work when you need them.

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