Friday, January 19, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Friday 1/19/07

I keep forgetting that it's Friday. WTH is up with that? Today, I am so very grateful for:

  1. My brother Matt, especially for coming to help me out with the furnace disaster the other night.
  2. A fuel company that has great customer service and friendly people that came to help during our heating emergency.
  3. My silly, sweet, smart daughters.
  4. My wonderful husband.
  5. Free samples of chicken nuggets and chicken patties to get us through lunches this week.
  6. Hearing my daughters giggle and playing together.
  7. Having a working dishwasher.
  8. Having heat in the house again.
  9. Slippers.
  10. Coffee!!!
  11. Flannel sheets.
  12. Juliana enjoying saying prayers.
  13. That the snow storm we were supposed to get last night through today turned out to be only an inch, and then got sunny.
  14. That the girls actually all ate the soup I made last night because I used Orzo instead of tortellini.
  15. Hot showers.
  16. Decongestants.
  17. My mom having connections in the state prosecutor's offices.
  18. Manny not having to travel to Brattleboro today because we did have a bit of snow and people drive like morons even when it's only an inch.
  19. Getting to be a SAHM.
  20. Weekends.

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