Friday, January 19, 2007

The Joys Of Developing Speech In Toddlers

My daughters are doing a wonderful job making me laugh, lately. I simply have to remember their latest comments to bring a smile to my face when I'm feeling stressed or down. Today is no different.

I was thumbing through our AAP book "The Complete and Authoratative Guide: caring For Your Baby And Young Child Birth to Age 5." Which, by the way, was given to us from the hospital when Anneliese was born back in Feb 2005. I came across the section about labial adhesions. There's a sketch drawing of what a normal labia looks like versus a labia with adhesions. Grace and Anneliese come over and happen to see the pictures. Grace says "Mommy, why dere pictures of a coochie in dat book? Is dat a coochie?" I said, "Yes, it is. It's showing what a normal hoo hoo looks like and what a hoo hoo that needs to have a doctor look at it looks like." Anneliese pipes in with "Dat a coo hoo! Mamma, dat coo hoo yooks yike a CRACK!" Gracie giggled and walked around repeating "That coo hoo yooks yike a crack ***giggle***"

Oh and how bad of a mom am I? Manny just called and says "So is Grace at school? Did she drop off OK today?" I responded with "What? OMG, she's an hour late for school! I forgot!" {{{sigh}}}

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