Friday, December 29, 2006

Gratefulness Journal Friday 12/29/06

On this last Friday of 2006, I am grateful for:

  1. The good things that happened to us over the past year.
  2. My beautiful, smart, healthy, sweet, funny daughters.
  3. My wonderful husband.
  4. My parents.
  5. My friends.
  6. My IL's.
  7. Paxil & Atavan
  8. Full day first grade.
  9. Understanding administrators at Grace's preschool when they get her tuition late every month.
  10. A vacuum that works.
  11. Heat.
  12. A nice home.
  13. Crayons.
  14. Blue's Clues & Backyardigans.
  15. Music.
  16. The ability to vent on my blog.
  17. having food on the table.
  18. paper towels.
  19. fuzzy slippers.
  20. DVR
  21. anti-virus protection for my computer.
  22. system restore for my computer.
  23. hair spray.
  24. Christmas gift money, so that I can replace our hairdryer that just burned out.
  25. disposable diapers.
  26. wet wipes.
  27. big, soft blankets.
  28. flannel sheets.
  29. remote controls.
  30. seasonings.
  31. butter
  32. upholstery cleaner
  33. clothes washers and dryers, cuz hand-washing clothes sucks
  34. our dishwasher, cuz hand-washing dishes REALLY sucks
  35. a mini-van that fits all of our children safely
  36. our double stroller
  37. electricity
  38. coffee & tea
  39. my coffee maker
  40. fat free half & half
  41. packaged whole wheat flour
  42. DSL
  43. Kleenex
  44. toilet paper
  45. my digital camera
  46. people who take old stuff we don't need any more on Freecycle
  47. the lady who gave us a virtually brand new mattress from Freecycle
  48. when all three girls sleep all the way through the night
  49. when all three girls are all healthy at the same time
  50. cold medicine strips and chewable children's medicine, since Grace won't take liquid meds.
  51. Advil.
  52. Vanos.
  53. dermatologists.
  54. my hair stylist.
  55. my manicurist.
  56. e-mail
  57. friends blogs to satisfy my blogaholicism
  58. girlie girl hair stuff for the kids
  59. pens
  60. paper
  61. the ability to read
  62. the ability to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell (well, I can't smell well, but it's good to have at least a tiny sense of smell)
  63. cookbooks
  64. cooking web sites
  65. my Feb 05 moms
  66. my CFYF moms
  67. Terminix
  68. nearby grocery stores and Walmart
  69. the fact that my IL's live 30 minutes away
  70. children's learning toys
  71. pot holders
  72. Neosporin and bandages
  73. hot showers
  74. adult shampoos and conditioner
  75. adult bath and body gels
  76. chicken broth cubes
  77. storage containers
  78. having found love early in my life
  79. finding out that my husband does in fact have a life insurance policy (whew)
  80. being able to complain about my husband and take him for granted because it means that he's here with me.
  81. being frustrated with my children, because it means that they're home safe with me.
  82. knowing when I have it good, even when finances are bad
  83. having friends who aren't afraid to tell me their honest opinions
  84. make-up
  85. skin-care to keep your skin healthy and glowing
  86. nail files
  87. a keyboard that words
  88. cheese
  89. gloves
  90. disinfectant cleaners
  91. toilet brushes with long handles
  92. space heaters
  93. a sense of humor
  94. knowing that my daughters love me
  95. knowing that my husband loves me
  96. bras & underwear
  97. malls
  98. clocks
  99. IUD's
  100. occasional good sleep

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