Friday, November 24, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 11/24/06

I'm going to try to keep my gratefulness journal on Mondays and Fridays from now on. Despite everything going on that's negative, I need to focus more than ever on the POSITIVE things.

  1. My IL's
  2. My parents and brothers
  3. My beautiful, healthy, funny, smart daughters
  4. My handsome husband
  5. A roof over our heads
  6. Living in a good neighborhood
  7. The ability to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sides of our family
  8. Online shopping
  9. toaster ovens
  10. The fact that children like hot dogs
  11. Pretzels
  12. coffee
  13. sunny days
  14. the fact that it stopped raining and is sunny today
  15. my hairstylist
  16. that most people RSVP'd that they'd attend Grace's b-day party for Sunday
  17. Gracie, because she's turning into such a big girl
  18. DVR
  19. DVD's
  20. my microwave
  21. my coffee pot
  22. remote controls for TV's
  23. a good (if not odd) sense of humor
  24. When the girls all have a good day at the same time
  25. hearing my girls giggle and laugh
  26. hearing my husband tell my girls how much he loves them
  27. being able to laugh at the girls when they do something silly
  28. When the girls OBEY and pay attention to me
  29. Christmas music, even though it gets annoying after the first 2 hours
  30. my best friend
  31. my online friends
  32. plungers for the toilet
  33. disinfectant spray
  34. my vacuum, seriously
  35. the fact that a big, empty box is a toy for the kids
  36. shiny objects that are pretty
  37. running water
  38. heat, even though oil prices are through the freaking ROOF
  39. big fluffy comforters
  40. Paxil and Atavan, especially at the holidays

1 comment:

Cathy Kendall said...

All of which you have listed seems to be what most people take for granted. You are a very thoughtful person to remember and cherish the little things which make a difference everyday. Kudos to you. You're a great mom and a great wife! And a wonderful friend! I love ya!