Monday, September 18, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 9/18/06

On this monday, I am very grateful for...

  1. air conditioning with a house full of people
  2. toaster breakfasts
  3. coffee coffee coffee
  4. my newly 6 yr old daughter!!!
  5. family and friends that love my dd so much, they come to share dinner, cake and gifts with with her just because I invited them over to celebrate
  6. nap time
  7. a dh who cares about his family
  8. Juliana's ability to read and reason
  9. Juliana's beauty, sense of humor, and intelligence
  10. my children's good health
  11. Paxil and Atavan
  12. digital cameras
  13. free samples
  14. good food
  15. good friends
  16. picnics
  17. hair brushes & hair spray
  18. flip flops
  19. my Kirby vacuum
  20. ice for drinks
  21. Barbie dolls
  22. a soft bed
  23. TV
  24. my glasses
  25. bagged snack items for parties

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