Monday, September 11, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 9/11/06

On this monday, the 5th anniversary of 9/11, I am grateful for:

  1. My 3 beautiful daughters.
  2. My handsome husband.
  3. My home.
  4. My car.
  5. My parents and brothers.
  6. My IL' s.
  7. Being lucky enough to be born an American citizen.
  8. Being alive, sharing every moment with my family.
  9. My best friend.
  10. Feeling safe in my own home.
  11. A wide selection of paint colors to choose from for my downstairs bathroom.
  12. Paint rollers.
  13. Pain trays.
  14. When all of the girls fall asleep early.
  15. That my girls are relatively decent eaters.
  16. My daughters' health.
  17. Vanos.
  18. Advil.
  19. Walmart version Crystal Light.
  20. Beautiful sunshiney days.
  21. Nail salons.
  22. Nail files.
  23. That someone figured out mixing flour, oil, salt, water and yeast would make dough so that I could make pizza tonight.
  24. Grace loving preschool and behaving really well while she's there.
  25. The feeling of peace and absolute comfort when you first wake up in the morning, as long as you haven't been shocked awake.

1 comment:

Allie D. said...

All wonderful things worth being grateful for, Jessica. I never really take the time to be grateful that someone went to all the trouble to actually DO all of the things that make our lives easier. It's a beautiful system, really. :)