Monday, September 18, 2006

My 100 Things To Do List

  1. Be a good wife.
  2. Be a good mother.
  3. Be a good friend.
  4. Cherish my children and husband.
  5. Reach my goal weight.
  6. Finish painting my bathroom.
  7. Paint and decorate my bed room.
  8. Make some curtains for the bathrooms, the kitchen door, the play room and my bed room.
  9. Move back to my hometown.
  10. Take as many pictures of my children as I can.
  11. Have more pictures taken of myself so that my children have them when I'm gone.
  12. Go to church more often.
  13. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  14. Go to the beach more often.
  15. Start walking for exercise.
  16. Read a novel within a week.
  17. Start playing piano again.
  18. Start drawing again.
  19. Open my own design studio.
  20. Start a Don't Have Time To Do It Yourself catering business for busy moms.
  21. Savor every moment as a SAHM.
  22. Print out and organize digital photos.
  23. Organize printed photos from the basement.
  24. Take the girls to Disney World.
  25. Go back to Bermuda.
  26. Plant a garden.
  27. Make a cookbook.
  28. Sing every day.
  29. Dance every day.
  30. Get involved with the PTO.
  31. Get more pictures of my parents and grandparents.
  32. Get more pictures of my brothers and IL's.
  33. Complain less.
  34. Go back to full time work when Anneliese goes to 1st grade.
  35. Try not to lose stuff.
  36. Clean the basement.
  37. Put out seasonal and holiday decorations.
  38. Make seasonal and holiday decorations with the girls.
  39. Teach my girls to cook.
  40. Get back into writing children's books and poems.
  41. Make a room out of the attic.
  42. Learn to appreciate and like myself.
  43. Pamper myself.
  44. Let my hair grow long.
  45. Find the perfect pair of shoes.
  46. Live morally and justly.
  47. Be a foster mom.
  48. Donate food and clothing to charities.
  49. Go to more parties and social events.
  50. Always listen to my children and hear them out before saying "no."
  51. Appreciate financial stability.
  52. Tell the people that I love that I love them more often.
  53. Get back in touch with old friends.
  54. Go to Las Vegas.
  55. Go to Canada.
  56. Go to Italy.
  57. Go to England.
  58. See Phantom of the Opera on stage.
  59. Perform in another musical.
  60. Go to museums more often.
  61. Take the girls to Dinosaur Park.
  62. Get out of debt & pay off the mortgage.
  63. Make sure my girls always have what they need most.
  64. Remember that money isn't everything... family is.
  65. Attend my daughters weddings.
  66. Attend my grandchildren's baptisms.
  67. Always be available for friends and family for support.
  68. Eat healthy.
  69. Take pride in my appearance.
  70. Pray more often.
  71. Use coupons.
  72. Tell a U.S. soldier "thank you."
  73. Let go of childhood hurts.
  74. Make sure my DH knows I love and appreciate him.
  75. Never get divorced.
  76. Stand up for myself.
  77. Donate blood.
  78. Try new foods.
  79. See if I can last a week without chocolate.
  80. See if I can last a week without coffee.
  81. Drink a gallon of water every day.
  82. Eat more fiber.
  83. Learn to change a tire.
  84. Make a quilt.
  85. Cross-stitch something pretty.
  86. Dress up every Halloween.
  87. Celebrate every Holiday.
  88. Get some freckles checked out.
  89. Click every day for Breast Cancer Awareness.
  90. Finish college.
  91. Take a cake-decorating class.
  92. Go swimming more often.
  93. Get a swimming pool.
  94. Appreciate scenic views.
  95. Listen to the rain.
  96. Go to New Hampshire.
  97. Keep in touch with cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.
  98. Go on another cruise.
  99. Visit 9/11 Ground Zero.
  100. Always write thank you notes.

1 comment:

Andie said...

It sounds like you aspire to be the Proverbs 31 woman. If you set your mind to it, I know you can do it. You're a very strong woman!

10 "Who can find a virtuous wife?
For her worth is far above rubies"

31 "Give her of the fruit of her hands,
And let her own works praise her in the gates." ~Proverbs 31:10-31