Sunday, May 28, 2006

Poor Sweet Girl With A Bad Mommy

We were having a BBQ picnic at my mom's today, and the kids were all sitting and eating really well. Anneliese was in a booster seat that has a tray attachment, like a portable high chair KWIM? Well, she just recently started with the shyness around people and she kept covering her eyes, like "If I can't see you then you can't see me" thing. Well, she started leaning forward and really putting pressure on the high chair tray (she wasn't in my line of sight, she was to the left of me and sort of "behind" me) when the tray just snapped off and she fell to the cement patio.

Her nose is scraped and red, and one of her knees is slightly scraped. Over her right temple but in her hair line, there's a red, slightly scraped bruise and a little higher up, there's a bloody patch about the size of a quarter. The fall scraped some of her hair off!!! I feel so badly. One of my brothers saw her start to fall but he couldn't make it in time, and I didn't realize she was falling until she was about to land.

We cleaned it, put some ice on it, and gave her some Tylenol because it seemed to hurt so much in addition to her teething. She napped for a little while, after screaming and sobbing and I could tell that until she fell asleep she kept reliving the whole thing and would start to cry again. Thankfully she did feel better after waking from her nap and even had some of my kid brother's birthday cake, and then we went for a walk. She's feeling great now, and seems to have forgotten, but we're throwing away the booster seat. It lasted 5 1/2 yrs and has outlived it's usefulness.

I just feel horrible about this whole thing. I just feel like I should have known.


Megan said...

Aww, I'm so sorry that happened! I'm glad she's okay now. You're probably more traumatized than she ever was. I hate those booster seats. I threw mine out a couple of years ago after a similar incident with Cayla :(

~Jessica~ said...

Ugh that sucks Meg. What gets me is that I was RIGHT THERE and so were my Mom, brother, Dad and Gramma. {{{sigh}}} I did give her a bath tonight and she didn't complain much when I washed her hair, she was more upset that I was pouring water on her head and body than from any pain she might still be in. It's 8:25 pm and she's actually still up and playing, her Tylenol ran out a couple hours ago, and she's very cheerful. So you're definitely right, I'm more traumatized and upset than she is. :-(