Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006 Plus Anneliese Update

It's definitely harder on the parents sometimes when children hurt themselves. I still feel absolutely horrible for Anneliese's tumble yesterday, even though she doesn't seem to remember it and isn't feeling any pain or discomfort. We had a picnic at SIL's today and she ran around and played in her new sandals, and she even got sprayed with a hose and enjoyed it! I think her favorite part of the day was getting to have Nonna's famous ziti casserole and later, a popsicle.

MY favorite part was watching her try to take the hose away from her 13-yr old cousin, Sean, and he was so sweet about it that he'd let the water trickle into her hands and never took aim to pelt her with the water. Unfortunately, when her hair got wet, the scab that's under her hair of course got wet too, and when it dried her hair dried into it. Yuck. She napped on me on the couch a little while ago, and since she was slightly sweaty, I gently lifted up some of the hair from the scab. Ewww it gives me chills just thinking about it. I just don't want her scab to heal over her hair and have a worse problem later. I adore that little girl so much, I really do wish I could prevent every single bump, fall, cut, scrape and hurt she has to experience. I know it's a part of growing up, and I know that it happens to every child. But it still sucks. So there.

Man was it HOT today, it was around 90º. Not sure how hot it REALLY was but at 5:30 it was about 84º and right now it's 7:45 and it's about 82º. Humid, too, so at least there was some cloud cover at SIL's instead of insanely bright-hot sun. It was a lot of fun, very relaxed and if we got too hot, Lorena had the AC on indoors. I did have a couple bottles of water, but not sure how much good they did me since I also had a couple/few Smirnoff's. The girls are eating some elbow pasta with butter and cheese and I'm about to mix up a nice cold glass of iced tea. I have a slight headache and am soooo tired, feeling a bit dehydrated I think. But happy. Happy tired. Even though Manny still had to work tonight because while everyone else closed, even the 24-hour grocery stores closed early, Lowe's is still open regular hours. Numb nuts.

I'm thinking that the girls wore their little selves out and will pass out shortly after eating their (late) supper. Fine, one can HOPE right? Maybe tonight I'll just let them all crash wherever they land, although Anneliese will probably actually ask to go to bed. If I'm vigilant enough, I can herd the other 2 upstairs but sometimes Grace doesn't fall asleep right away and ends up following me out of the room. Eh we'll see. I'm still going to hope they all crash as soon as they decide their bellies are full.

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