Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grace Is A Preschooler! Ack!

I called Juliana's old preschool (it's a mile away) and got the application to sign Grace up for preschool this Fall! We signed her up for M-W-F afternoon classes (2 3/4 hours) with the $35 deposit. Manny dropped the application and check off after he came home for lunch, and gave it to the school director. It's official! She's gonna be a preschooler! I'm so excited yet sad at the same time. It's not getting any easier to let Grace go than it was to let Juliana go.


Grace is going to be 4 yrs old at Thanksgiving. FOUR YEARS OLD. It just doesn't seem possible that she's grown up enough to even consider sending her yet but she really is going. I told her after Manny dropped the app off, and she smiled this sweet little smile, like a smirk... she made me giggle. She seems so much younger than she is sometimes because she's the classic frilly froufy girlie girl, and she's shy and sweet and delicate and very sensitive. Heck, Anneliese gets in trouble for "beating her up" and antagonizing her. How many 3 1/2 yr olds let their 15 month old baby sisters beat them up??? Huh? Can you name any??? ... That's what I thought. Granted, if she needs an extra year then she'll get it, but I know she needs this for the socialization and other skills that she just won't let me teach her. It'll be good for her to be away from me too. At least Juliana stayed with MIL for 18 months while I worked at one point, but since Grace was born I've been 100% SAHM.

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