Wednesday, May 24, 2006

At Least It's Not Raining

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Simply perfect. Until I took a really bad fall as I began cooking dinner. I had started some pork searing on the stove, and went into the bathroom to grab a garbage bag. On my way out, I slipped and crashed because one of the girls left a Gladware lid in an inconspicuous spot on the hardwood floor. I stepped right on it, and it just flew. I landed on my left knee (just recovered from another fall on that knee) and "split" my legs so that my right inner thigh pulled out. Hurt my forearms in the fall too.

I cried. I cried like a baby because it hurt THAT BADLY and I just couldn't get up. I was afraid to move. I couldn't reach the phone. Did I mention it hurt like a MoFu? Juliana and Grace came running to see what was wrong, and tried to help me up and comfort me, but I was just immobilized and panicky. I kept calm by asking Juliana to get me a knife, a green pepper, and a cutting board and proceeded to dice the pepper and make jokes with the girls.

Juliana called DH's cell phone to tell him I fell since I couldn't get up from the floor. Anneliese came to see what was up after 10 minutes, apparently Mommy crying and sisters running out of the room isn't very alarming to her. Anyway, DH stayed home from his night job, put away the meat and pepepr, and ordered a pizza. ***whew*** I took Advil last night to dull the pain and reduce swelling. Today my knee is swollen and bruised but walkable, thank God. I took a nice hot shower this afternoon, which felt awesome on my knee, but then soon after it started to tighten up and hurt again. Back to the Advil. I'm just relieved that it wasn't more serious. Here's to hoping my knee isn't really permanently damanged, it's taken a huge beating this year.

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