Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well, That Was Anticlimactic

It's April Fool's Day and um, the CrazyLady has not, I repeat HAS NOT delivered or sought help for delivering her liver baby or back hump baby. I'm now convinced that she's either a wickedly awesome troll, or she really is delusional. Still scary. Of course there's the "explanation" that all of her other pregnancies (except for her many miscarriages) were 2 weeks over due. Yeah. And this is such a train wreck that I'm sure I'll keep following the story between BNaBBT and EHealth.

OK so now to put some funny on this, because it really is just so creepy that you have to laugh to get through it all. BNaBBT is just... well here, take a look.

A Poem For Fatfamily on BNaBBT

"Well Today's The Day"

Past BNaBBT Links on FatFamily:

And just for a bonus Ha Ha, my last blog on The Crazy Lady was found by Titled simply *Pregnant, No Uterus. I posted.

ETA: These were plopped into the "I'm A Celebrity" thread by Joanna herself.
ETA: Again: I had to delete some links since they were either broken or needed a membership and I'm too lazy to make myself or you sign up in a new forum.


Ingi said...

Yeah, what an attention whore she is to have searched out all those posts and posted them. And to talk about 76,000 hits to her website per day. Gag!

dejablues said...

Her webite has a site counter on the index page. It's nowhere near 76,000 hits!