Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Musings

It's finally FRIDAY! TGIF!

Although... I actually had someone say to me once "Why do you get so excited about Fridays and weekends? You're a SAHM, every day is the same for you anyway, why should a weekend make a difference?" My response was along the lines of "Erm, what's that supposed to mean?" This friend further stuck her foot into her throat by continuing with ***clearing throat nervously*** "Well, come on Jessie. You're home ALL THE TIME. It's not like you need a weekend." And then when she saw how I was squirming, probably uncomfortable that I looked ready to leap out of my chair to pull her hair out: ***chuckling and pulling out all stops*** "I mean, being a mom is hard but you've got it easy not having to worry about a real job. Besides you can't really expect Manny to help you out on a weekend, it's not fair with all he does for you letting you stay home."

I literally saw red. He LETS me stay home? I've got it EASY? I can't expect my children's father to help PARENT my kids? So, err... uh... thanks for the "validation" that my "job" is so valuable. Thanks for recognizing that my darling spouse probably doesn't help as much as he should on weekends. Like "just because" I'm a SAHM somehow, it must be like a weekend vacation every single day and I don't need the relief of help or some time to myself. Well, feck you too. Sorry, I don't take kindly to insults when they're disguised as "just my opinion, really... but I'm right and you're wrong."

Whoa that turned into a rant. ***grins sheepishly***

Ooh did I tell you that I'm now hosting the Cooking For Your Family board? The link is ^ there somewhere.

I also love my BIL Mark. In a totally platonic way. Our dishwasher has been giving us problems for the last month. The timer doesn't work, it won't drain even though it's not clogged. It leaks. And the motor/engine burned out a few days ago. It's junk. Well, Mark works for Bernie's and he used some of his points (from sales, sort of like accumulating commission) and he turned in some points and got us a BRAND NEW Maytag Dishwasher that was delivered yesterday. We complained to him last week to get recommendations on a new dishwasher. We were looking for what the best quality would be for our dollar. He said he'd look into it a little more for us, then I got a call wednesday asking if I'd be home between 11 am and 1 pm from the delivery people. So it was a surprise, but not like "Whoa what's this guy doing at my door?"

So last night, Manny gets home and decides to install the dishwasher before having dinner. I wanted him to wait until the kids went to bed cuz it's annoying trying to keep 3 kids from climbing all over him when he's doing stuff like that. He didn't listen to me. Good thing because it took a LONG time. And the washer ring that connects the hoses together still don't fit right so it leaks, and isn't quite ready to use. He's going to try to find the part that makes it fit better and if that doesn't work, we'll try plumber's tape or something. I can't WAIT to use it!

FIL's birthday is tomorrow, and after we go to my mom's for dinner Sunday, we're heading to SIL's to have a birthday cake for him. I think he's turning 78.

Tonight is Mommy's night out at a friend's house, no kids allowed. I think we're gonna play with Mary Kay make-up ;-). I'm hoping to get some Subway later.

Oops, gotta go for now. I'm hungry.

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