Monday, April 03, 2006

Mondays Suck

It's chilly and rainy today. It was SUCH a nice weekend up in the mid-60º's and today we started mid-50º's but it's dropped to 49º in the last hour. It's dreary and dank and ugly out.

So FIL turned 78 this weekend. I made a cake and left it at home, but at least MIL or SIL ordered what looked like a cannoli cake to me, but SIL swears was a Neopolitan. I'm still doubtful. And now we have a whole vanilla dump cake sitting on the stove which the kids think is great, but I have no appetite for it.

Manny put the canopied swing in the yard today. It's been sitting on my porch for months because Manny brought it in from the rain last summer and got too lazy to bring it back outside (the porch is enclosed, btw). It was so nice being able to sit and swing and look out at the yard and into the woods. Peaceful. But not today cuz of the damn rain.

We had an oil delivery today. Since the weather has been so nice out, I turned the radiator heat off and the tank should still be half full. Not sure why they delivered again so soon. We just have so many expenses right now and they should have waited on this, especially since Manny isn't working at night right now. Which he stopped bitching at me about. I had posted before that he wants me to work weekends and nights while he works days, but he stopped that nonsense when he lost his night job. But then I get my best friend & another friend telling me the other night that they think my anxiety problems and depression are reasons for me to go back to work. That I'm doing a disservice to myself by staying home. Honestly, I do need to get out of the house more, but to socialize. I'm not in a frame of mind to go back to work. I honestly don't care about that at all. But to be told that being a SAHM isn't the right thing to do? That I "should" be working? That was just not right.

Add to all that Manny went off on me Saturday and we had a fight, and I'm still pissed off but trying to get past it. I was bothered with something he did... made plans without talking to me first to see if we had anything going on. These plans excluded me and the kids. I just let him know that it bothered me, so he retaliated with how horrible of a wife and housekeeper I am and how disappointed he is in me. He does this every time I have a legit complaint... turns it around that he's somehow justified in treating me like crap and doing the shitty little things that he does, to where he changes the subject completely. I'm happy he's sleeping on the couch, with that attitude. I asked him to stay at his mothers this weekend and not to bother coming home, but he didn't listen. Jerk.

Also, color me emotional because one of my former co-hosts on the Feb 05 board decided to blindside me today over what's clearly a misunderstanding. She was like a little sister to me, but said some pretty nasty things and I'm not sure how to handle it at this point. She's ignoring my attempts at contact and is now ignoring posts on the MySpace board. Whatever. I'm sad but I'll get over it.

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OMG, I think we are twins.