Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Obligatory Update On fatfamily

You would think that after her imagine babies being 16 days "over-due" that she couldn't keep insisting on this bullshit. What I want to know is why EHealth is still letting her post!

fatfamily still pregnant

Posted today at 5:30 pm or so:

i .D.I.D.N'.T .L.I.E---what do I have to admit???? Baby still there and still moving every day. Still am not sure if it is 2---never have been totally sure, but assumed it was by the movements and feelings I had. And what differenance does it make how long ago??????? It has been 18 years last june I received the promise and 19 years last august I had my uterus, 1 tube, and cervix removed. Same story every time. Not lying. And my first ultra sound of 8 1/2 months ago says---"fertile female." meaning my ovaries are still working---just like I said.

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Jackie said...

As if I dont have enough twisted stuff to sort through on other Bulletin Boards lol ...this girl is a riot!